Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twilight, How I've Missed Thee...

I'm obsessed and I'm not afraid to say it . Who cares if others don't like Twilight? I love Twilight.

Not everyone is going to love the same stuff, and I think that's one of the things that makes the world awesome. I'm fine with the haters out there. It doesn't make me love it any less!

So, why this topic? I got this:

in the mail today! Yay! I also got a whole bunch more awesomeness, but I'll save that for Sunday's In My Mailbox.

I'm only 70 pages in or so, but it has rekindled my love for Twilight! I'm suddenly craving Forks all over again. I want to be amidst the Cullen family, Charlie, and the Quileutes, and I want to fall in love and have my heart destroyed. Again. I have tons of books on my "to read" list, but I think I might actually reread the books (for the 5th time, LOL).

I have always loved reading, but when it came time for college I had to give up the fun books. If I read a book for fun, I would undoubtedly neglect my homework and the school books that I was supposed to be reading.

I finished school, and had a daughter (within a week of each other, LOL!) and had forgotten my love for books.

Until Twilight.

Now it's one of my favorite books of all time. I love all four books! I even love the graphic novel. (All thanks to my friend Amanda. She kept telling me to read Twilight and I ignored her for a loooong time. Sorry Amanda. You were right.)

Is Stephenie Meyer's writing perfect? No. Are there flaws in this story? Sure. I don't care. This book made me feel so deeply wrapped up in it that I could hardly do anything but read until all four books were finished. When it was over, I felt empty and lost; like I had lost a piece of me. The characters in the book are very much real to me. It sounds crazy, but haven't books felt that way to you?

Isn't that what makes a great book? Isn't that why we read? I can only speak for myself, but that is why I read. I want to get lost in a story. I want to become that character: I want to feel what they feel, see what they see, be a part of their world. For me, Stephenie Meyer has done that.

My favorite books out of the series are New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I just love the way New Moon tears me up inside. I love the way Jacob comes into the picture and stirs up new feelings. The part in Breaking Dawn where Bella wakes and the way she senses her environment... Epic! One of my favorite scenes in a book, ever.  (There, I don't think that last few sentences were too spoilery, right?)

So, any thoughts? Do you have a story that makes you feel this way? Do love (or hate) Twilight? What books were your favorite of the series?

Anyone else want to discuss the Guide? I'm not done, but I'd love to talk about it when I am! 

This post was super fun to write. It's so nice to have a way to put this out there!  Now hopefully I don't scare you all away. :P


  1. LOL I don't love or hate Twilight. I would definitely say it has been one of the only books which has kept me on edge until I read all four books, but I think because of all the hype that came out of it, it made me lead to not like it as much. I really loved New Moon (JACOB!!) although, I do remember reading it the first time and HATING it. Things change everytime you read the series. Breaking Dawn was good, but I felt that the ending could have been a bit better. The rest of the book was amazing though. I'll need to think about getting the Guide...people have said it's good, so I think I'll give it a try! Happy Reading! :D

  2. Yeah,I'm definitely team Edward, but I love Jacob too. :)

    I really liked the end of Breaking Dawn. You're right, my opinions change every time I read the books again. I also notice things that I missed the first time.

    I'm loving the guide! I'm sure I'll post a review eventually.

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I got this book, I haven't read it yet though.

    Yes I do love twilight not because of the fantastic writing but because of the touching frustrating love story. I love rereading this series in the fall winter time when I can spend 6 days or so reading the whole series and not get up from my warm comfy couch. I haven't reread the series for a while now. I was rereading after every movie but I didn't after Ellipse I just got too busy with other books.

    I do like to say I am Team Edward for the books and Team Jacob for the movies. Taylor Laurtner is much hotter than Rob.

    I love book 1 and 4 those are my favorites

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  5. Hi, I'm a new follower - I found you through Parajunkee's View.

    I agree with you completely! I read the entire Twilight series within the first 6 weeks of my second daughter's life. It really made never sleeping more tolerable (what is better than snuggling with a newborn and reading Twilight at the same time?!).

  6. Kristina- Yes! It is so awesome to snuggle up and read Twilight for hours without having to get up! I read it for the fist time last January.

    I don't know what team I'd be on for the movies. Jacob is pretty hot, but sometimes Edward can be too (when he doesn't have weird makeup).

    Hi Bonnie! I wish I would have known about the awseomeness of Twilight when my daughter was a newborn! My friend tried to tell me, but I ignored her. LOL!

  7. Twilight. I last read it in... sixth grade? Wow. A long time ago. I really liked it, but all the Twilight-hater hype got to me a little and I'm not really sure what I think anymore. I think I'll give the entire series another chance this summer.

  8. Well see, you have a completely different point of view on it then. I read it as someone who was already grown up, and so the book probably means different things to us. Right? Plus, I didn't read it until last January, so not that much time has passed since I read it.

    Thanks for commenting! Very interesting. You should definitely give it another try. :)

  9. I am a huge Twilight fan, as you can tell from my avatar. I wasn't entirely happy with the Guide, but I still think it was wonderful. I understand why people don't like Twilight. The writing (especially for the first book) isn't that great and the editing (or lack thereof) is even worse. It's kind of sad that it was Stephenie's first book, because if she re-wrote it now, I bet it would be great.
    Regardless, I loved it because the characters came alive for me. I became lost in the book. Even now, if I'm having a bad day, I open up a random spot in one of the Twilight books, and my troubles disappear. I first fell in love with the books because of the romance btw Bella and Edward. Now, however, the romance doesn't get to me as much. Perhaps because I've read other paranormals where the romance was done better. What I do think Twilight does wonderfully and what most other books do not, is create a great family dynamic. I love all the Cullens. The side characters actually interest me more than Bella and Edward.

  10. Yes, I love the Cullens! I felt like they were my family. Charlie too.

    I don't know how she did it, but I really felt like I was a part of it all. I was so depressed when it was all over because I felt like something was missing, you know?

    Yeah, the guide isn't perfect, but I love it. I still need to go and read your review on it now that I've read some of the guide. I was waiting until I had read it so that I could form my own opinions.

  11. I miss Twilight too! There are just too many other books and not enough time for me to go back and reread them. Go team Jacob.

    1. Hi Virginia! I love that you came by and commented on my blog! :)


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