Sunday, May 29, 2011

In My Mailbox (11)

In My Mailbox is a meme that is hosted by The Story Siren. It's a fun way to share what books we got for the week. They can be from publishers, the library, bought, or whatever. They don't have to be from the mailbox.

I'm thinking I might just start calling this something other than In My Mailbox, since the majority of book I get don't come in the mail. Hhhmmm... Anyways! On with what I got this week:

You guys, I spent entirely too much money this week. I bought a membership at Borders, and then bought books on top of that. I can't say I regret it though. :)

Here's my vlog, for those of you who like videos (you can skip and just look at the pictures if you want instead):

So, it was getting dark as I recorded the video. Sorry about that!

Die For Me | Amy Plum
I got this one for only $8! Borders had a 50% off coupon, and I joined their Rewards Plus program and got an extra 10% off that. One more book down for The Dark Days of Supernatural tour! 

Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3) | Gena Showalter
I am in LOVE with this series! I had to buy the next two. 

 The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld #4) | Gena Showalter
Yay! :)

Knight of Desire (All the King's Men #1) | Margaret Mallory
This was totally an impulse buy. I got a bookmark with this series on it last week, and saw them this week at the store. They were even signed!! I read the first page, and decided I wanted it. I bought the first two. 

Knight of Pleasure (All the King's Men #2) | Margaret Mallory
I am in love with the dress and the way she's facing him on this cover. I had to buy this one too. It's also signed!

A pretty awesome group of books, if i do say so myself!

What did you get?


  1. Hehe, I loved your vlog!

    I agree. Very awesome books! Die For Me looks really good and i'm looking forward to hearing what you thought of it. Really jealous about the Dark Day of Supernatural Tour! Do you think there's any chance of them coming to New Zealand? Lol =]

  2. love your enthusiasm, Jenn! Also, I'm super jealous of your DIE FOR ME book... Can't wait to see what you think! Happy reading :)


  3. Hi Jen,

    You should love the Lords of the Underworld books and Die For Me looks to die for--pun totally intended =)

    I'm a new follower now!

    Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten

  4. Yay for coupons! They always make buying a hardback easier!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading!

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  5. Die for Me is so pretty! I love that cover (it's the same cover I have too). I do like the one with her in the boat, but this one is PINK and that makes a big difference :-)

  6. great books. Die For Me is one of my fave books of the year so I hope you love it! :)

  7. Hope you'll get a chance to enjoy all of your books! I can't believe the dark days tour is coming so fast.

  8. Die for Me has gotten so much buzz lately, I hope you like it! great books this week, happy reading :)

  9. I'm waiting to receive Die For Me. It looks awesome! Happy reading! :D

    Giada M.

  10. Die For Me is amazing--hope you enjoy it too!

  11. I loved watching your IMM vlog - you're so much more fluid at it than I was!

    I have a B&N membership which I use constantly (free expedited shipping!) but sometimes Borders just has the better coupon. Anyhow, I have DIE FOR ME too and I think it'll be the next book I read so I can return it to the library. I loved Paris and so hopefully I'll love the book.

    I've never read anything by Gena Showalter but I see her everywhere and so I think I'll have to hunt down book one.

    I am increeeeeedibly envious of being able to attend the Dark Days of Supernatural tour. I think I would faint if I got to attend and chat with Veronica Roth as I'm a DIVERGENT nut. Can't wait for STARCROSSED to come out and the rest look great, too. I hope you'll do a report? :)

  12. Thanks for visiting you guys! If I haven't visited your blogs already, I'm on my way!

    Lisa, I love that you say so much, with so little. LOL :)

    Kaye- Divergent is the next book I'm going to read! I'm pretty stoked, because people keep raving about it.

    I should look into what you get with a B&N membership. I have one close to me, but I can never afford them. :/

  13. The greatest thing about the borders membership is that you can buy one book and get free shipping. They have some great deals online. Borders rocks, but this is coming from a former employee of 3 years :)
    Yes it was really hard working in a bookstore!

    Dark Days is almost here!!!

  14. Ha, I just reviewed Die for Me, I really enjoyed that one! I hope you do, too. Happy reading!

  15. kaye - yes! Well, I'm 90% sure I'll do a report. Unless the authors hate me and make me cry...or something. LOL! I plan to take my camera, so hopefully I can be brave and actually take some pics.

    I know Kristina!! So stoked! Can't wait to meet you! :)

    Thanks to all of you who stopped by and commented! I'm glad you thought the video was ok, because I wasn't even sure if anyone was going to watch it. LOL


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