Book Lover Essentials

This is a work in progress at the moment! Know of a site I should include here? Send me an e-mail at Thanks! 

This is an incomplete list of sites that are a must for book lovers. I am in no way compensated by these companies. I just really like them or have heard great things about them.

Great sites for buying books:

Powells - this is a local bookstore to me. It's awesome and they have lots of used books for sale too. I pink puffy heart Powells. <3 They have a GIGANTIC store in downtown Portland that's the size of a city block and four stories tall. It's a book lover's heaven.

Book Depository - free shipping, to almost anywhere in the world. No minimum amount to spend for the free shipping, either! Their prices are comparable to Amazon.

Amazon - they often have books at 30-50% off regular price.

Places for keeping track of, rating, and reviewing books:

Goodreads - this one is my favorite! I'm obsessed with Goodreads.



Information on books and authors, including what order to read a series:

fanfiction - thanks to my blogger friends Annette and Kristina for pointing me to this site! I don't know why publishers can't just include a number on the book itself. You can read my rant about that here.

Places for Book Bloggers and reviewers:

NetGalley - a place to request digital copies of Advance Reader Copies to review on your blog.

Simon and Schuster Galley Grab - This is by invitation. To see if you qualify, you can sign up by clicking the link. All ARCs are digital, and kindle is not supported. If you are accepted, just wait until they send you a newsletter, then pick the books in it that you want to read and review!

Edelweiss - Also a place to request digital copies in exchange for a review


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