Sunday, May 8, 2011

In My Mailbox (8)

In My Mailbox is a meme that is hosted by The Story Siren. It's a fun way to share what books we got for the week. They can be from publishers, the library, bought, or whatever.

I had the most amazing week in books!!!I decided to try doing a vlog. :) I'm nervous to post a video, but I like watching IMM vlogs, so I did one too. I also did it my normal way with pics below the video for those who don't like videos.

For Review:

Blood Rights | Kristen Painter
Kristen saw that I had posted her book on Waiting on Wednesday and sent me an email asking if I wanted an ARC (advanced reading copy) to review! Ahhh! Can you believe it?! *Squee*!! She even signed and personalized  it to me.
I won't be posting a review until closer to it's release in October, but I've already started reading it (I couldn't resist), and it's really good! You guys don't want to miss this book.

The Twilight Saga: The Official illustrated Guide | Stephenie Meyer
Yay!!! It's even better than I thought it was going to be. I'm so excited it was finally released. I love it! 

Nightshade | Andrea Cremer
I'm glad I finally have a copy of this book! I got it from Amazon, and I'm kind of sad because it didn't arrive in perfect condition. :( It doesn't look terrible, but I'm disappointed. 

The Morganville Vampires Volume 2 | Rachel Caine
I love the covers on the bindups so much more than the original US covers.

 Never Knowing | Chevy Stevens
I won this book on Goodreads! I love when I win on there. This one sounds pretty good! 

So, yeah, epic week in books. I'm pretty stoked. :)


  1. Wow! That is so cool! The author sounds really nice. Blood Rights has such an awesome cover!

    Neverknowing looks really interesting. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it!

    Happy Reading! =]

  2. Oh wow! You got an ARC already?! I remember that WoW because I wrote the title down that day because it sounded oh so interesting! Congrats!

    Here's my IMM

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

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  4. The MV series is AMAZING. Hope you enjoy is as much as I did! (:

  5. What a set! I loved Nightshade. The Twilight Guide was missing things I wanted to read, but I loved what was included. Also, you asked how I liked Darkfever - loved it - can't wait to read the rest of the books.
    New follower too.

  6. Or maybe I'm an old follower. For some reason, every blog I go to is listing me as a new follower. Blogger must have screwed something up. Confusing :-/

  7. Oh lord, that is a GORGEOUS cover on Blood Rights! Lots of visual interest.
    Hope you enjoy all your books!

  8. Blood Rights really does sound great! Another for my wishlist I think :) You've got a lot of really great books there this week and I really enjoyed your vlog :-D

  9. Awesome vlog Jennifer! Really neat that you got Blood Rights and looking forward to what you'll think of it.

  10. Great books! Nightshade is awesome and The Morganville Vampires series is great. Hope you enjoy them all :)

  11. Very fun!

    I love when authors are so generous and give copies to their loving fans. I have gotten a few by just talking to them.

  12. I love the vlog! I'd love to do one, but while I can make websites, I suck at videos. Your kitty reminds me of a mix of my two. Very cute. How exciting is it that you got an ARC for posting a WoW?! I had to add Blood Rights to my TBR list. I can't wait to read the Twilight Guide.

    Enjoy all of your books!

    -Cassandra @ Wickedly Delicious Tales

  13. love the vlog! and i look forward to your reviews. :)

  14. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Your blog title and banner are SO CUTE! Love that - Little Shelf. Anyway, you were wondering about Wood Angel? It's the "alternative" title to Plain Kate. It's possible you may have heard of that one?

    Anyway, happy reading! Congrats about the signed copy of Blood Rights. Looks pretty good.

  15. Yay! So you guys thought my blog was ok. I might just have to do that again sometime. :)

    I am SO lucky that Kristen saw my picture. Her book is great. I'm prolonging the reading because I don't want it to end. LOL!

    Alison - I think you were an old follower...but I'm not sure! it's weird that it's showing you as a new follower. :/

    Cassandra - That's really cute that my kitty is a blend of your two! DO you have a picture posted of them somewhere?

    Thanks Cass!! I worked on the banner myself. :) I can't afford to buy one, so I had to play around in photoshop. It feels good to have someone say they like it. Aww, warm fuzzies. :)

  16. I love the cover of Blood Rights! How awesome. I'm going to have to add it to my TBR list.


  17. The cover of Blood Rights rocks! Hope the inside is as good :)

    Thanks for visiting my mailbox too!
    -Splash of our Worlds

  18. You got lots of fun books this week. It's really neat that the author approached you to read her book and I'm glad to hear you are loving it!

  19. You got some delicious books this week, CUte VLOG

  20. Definitely do the IMM vlog! You got some awesome books. Nightshade is amazing. Can't wait to check out your review! I hadn't heard of Blood Rights but I love that all three books come out in close proximity to one another. I hate to wait!

  21. Can't wait to see what you think of Blood Rights! The cover is gorgeous and the plot sounds pretty darn interesting too. :) Also, I know what you mean about imperfect copies of books! They drive me batty too.

    Looks like you've gotten a great group of books this week. Happy reading! :D

  22. I loved this vlog! You got some GREAT books :). I loved Nightshade... and I've officially added the Twilight Guide to my wish list. I won some books during Armchair BEA... I'm super excited for them to arrive. I may be excited enough to have the courage to post my own vlog!

  23. Thanks Jen! :)

    Yay for winning some books! I won a couple too. You should definitely try doing a vlog!


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