Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA, Day 3: Interview With Another Blogger

Hey y'all!

It's Armchair BEA Day Three, and it's interview day. I have a super awesome blogger for you!

It's Lisa from Lisa the Nerd:

click on the picture to go to her blog

I met Lisa when I entered, and won, a giveaway for Ruby Red. I've been following her ever since! She's funny, nerdy, and has great posts. I highly recommend checking her out! My favorite recent post by Lisa?  Blogging Buggers.

On with the Interview!

1. You are a self proclaimed nerd (I am too!). Tell us about that! What's the nerdiest thing about you? 

i claim to be a nerd because i tend to love things that most would consider nerdy. this includes, but is not limited to, reading excessively, lord of the rings, rpgs, european board games, arthurian legend, and more! the nerdiest thing about me is most certainly when my friends and i have board game marathons. these can last anywhere from a few hours to 3 days. 

2. What has been your favorite post on your blog and why?  

what a great question! i'm kind of proud of my epic Harry Potter reread, because i was able to talk about each book individually and reflect back on them as a whole. plus, i love love LOVE Harry Potter, so there's that. :)

3. Favorite thing to do with your husband - keep it PG lady!  ;)

lol, we are pretty laid back people, so i'd say watching movies/tv shows. we have the exact same taste in 99% of what we watch, so watching stuff together is extra fun! we are constantly reciting quotes and inside jokes from what we watch and's pretty dorky.

4. What are you listening to right now? (I'm always looking for new music!)  
honestly, i'm jamming out really hard to the new Lady Gaga album "Born this Way". music that is always in my rotation is Adele, The Beastie Boys, Iron & Wine, Arcade Fire and Lupe Fiasco. i'm pretty varied with my tastes in music and always open to new music too! 

5. Do you have a current obsession?  

ALWAYS. i'm obsessed with obsessions. my (and my hubs) guilty obsession is Workaholics. otherwise, we are currently obsessing over Reno 911, The Killing, and The Game of Thrones tv show AND books. like i said, i kinda have an obsession obsession. :)

For the last part, an easy quiz. Interpretation is totally up to you:
~ coffee or tea?  
    iced sweet tea or caramel white mocha. mmmmm...
 ~ morning or night?   
    nighttime for SURE. i hate mornings.
~ hardcover or paperback?   
    paperback. not a fan of dust covers at all.
~ ebook or print?
~ cupcake or pizza? 
   red velvet cupcake and stuffed crust pizza. oh that's right, i went for both.
~ library or bookstore? 
   both...but i could spend years in a bookstore and only an hour or so in the    library.
~ tropical island or snowy cabin?  
   snowy cabin! one of my favorite things to do is 'mole', which is essentially snuggle up and read/watch movies with little to no interaction with anyone. plus, i love wearing sweatpants. snow  = sweatpants.

Thanks Lisa! That was fun, and I loved your answers!

Please leave a comment for Lisa, and leave me your interview links so I can visit them, too!

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  1. Haha this is funny! I really like the questions you asked. Great interview! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! This interview was very clever. I'm a follower of both blogs now :)

  3. Great interview Jennifer. I love Lady GaGA too which reminds me I need to go download that new album!

  4. Oh, I love a good self-proclaimed nerd. Lord of the Rings all the way! Fun interview.

  5. mmm i love red velvet cupcakes!

    i need to finish reading the harry potter series. i stopped reading after book 4 cause everyone told me book 5 is terrible.

  6. mmm I'd got with the carmel white mocha! This was such a fun interview with Lisa. Great questions Jennifer!

  7. thanks for the interview, Jennifer! <3

  8. I don't think I've been to your blog before. Very nice! :)

    And great interview.

    Nice to meet you through Armchair BEA! :)

  9. toothy-books..what??? All of the Harry Potter books are amazing! You definitely need to give it a chance. There was not one book in the whole series that I did not like.

    Dude, Lisa, I had no idea we had so much in common! Vlogbrothers, Harry Potter, Adele, quoting funny things with the husband, and a constant obsession with obsessions! It's like were made to be blogging buddies. for real. :)

    Thanks all of you for stopping by and commenting and stuff! :)


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