Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness: June

Random Acts of Kindness is a program hosted by Isalys and Vanessa over at Book Soulmates. You pick a person or two (or however many you want) and send them something from their wishlist. Someone might send you something, too!

It's such a fun program. I don't know what took me so long to join!

Ivy from Ivy Reads came and found me on twitter asking where my wishlist was, and I had to admit to her that I hadn't actually joined yet. : / So, I signed up a bit late for this month. I didn't get the chance to send something to someone this month, but I can't wait to send a book or two next month!

What I recieved:

Hourglass | Myra McEntire

Plus, a dark days of supernatural bookmark. She even had a cute little business card, too!

Thank you so much Ivy, for heavily hinting that I should sign up. LOL! I'm so excited to read this! Woo!


  1. Woot! :) I'm glad you like it! Happy reading!

    @Patricia Awws...thanks!

  2. That is so awesome! I haven't yet tried to enter. Maybe one month I will.

  3. I signed up for RAK this month but I wasn't sure if anyone actually bothered to send books to one another! It's so sweet to see such kindness going around(:

  4. Felicia - I know that lots of bloggers do actually send books! I see them all the time on other blogs. Pretty fun, huh?


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