Friday, June 24, 2011

Faves of 2011 (so far): Part One - The Books

I was going to do a post like this on my own, and then I saw that Nomes over at Ink Crush even had categories and stuff. Head on over to her blog if you want to participate too! 

This is hard! I've seriously read some AMAZING stuff this year, but here it goes:

1. favourite book read so far in 2011:

This was TOUGH. Blood Rights is right up there, if not my favorite. I just think it was the whole package! The cover and the story are both equally epic.

2. most powerful book:

 She makes some pretty tough choices!

3. brilliantly funny:

This one was funny and cute. She even had some dirty humor in there! Surprising for a YA book. 

4. best ache-y, heart-breaking, tear-jerker read:

Was this one ever! Jeez! I felt like I was dying on the inside the whole time I was reading it. Just gut wrenching-ly awesome. 

5. delicious rainy day comfort read:

Definitely delicious

6. adrenalin-fuelled, unputdownable award:

Such a crazy finale!

7. the beautiful prose award:

I loved the way this was written

8. most atmospheric and vivid setting:

This was a crazy setting with all the scary Fae running around Dublin!

9. i-so-want-to-go-there award:

Paris, cafes, and waterways? yes, please!

10. most original and imaginative:

I think a ghost love story is pretty imaginative!

11. best under-appreciated, hidden gem book:

The first book was really cute, but book two blew me away! There was one scene that was just amazing! This is written by an indie author and definitely not mentioned enough. 

12. i-had-no-idea-i-would-love this-so award:
I knew I would like it, but I really loved it!

13. most haunting story:

so scary!

14. outside my comfort zone, but gosh how i loved it:

I've definitely been reading more paranormal than anything, so this was outside of a typical read for me this year. I love John Green though, and I can't wait to read his other books.

15. series that i’m loving:

This series is yummy. yum yum yum

16. most memorable voice award:

For some reason, the voice or writing of this character sticks out the most to me

17. completely awesome premise award:


  1. Oooo, I so agree with you on Toil and Trouble! A lot of your favs are on my TBR list. I'll get to them someday. ;)

  2. Good list, I haven't read half of those. Many I want to read, but I just won't get to for a while.

  3. I totally agree! This is such a great idea and these are some amazing books that you listed! I especially agree with Hex Hall, Blood Promise, Across The Universe, and Evermore :)

  4. I'm almost ashamed to admit that the only one of your selections that I've read is Across The Universe (which is one of my favourite reads this year). But I've heard good things about lots of them, especially Paper Towns, Hereafter and Red Riding Hood.

  5. Paper Towns and Divergent are both amazing! Die For Me and Hereafter were good too. Awesome choices! :)


  6. I really need to read Blood Rights huh?!

    Yay for Divergent! :)

    You're a BDB fan!!!??? Why didn't I know this!!! One of my fav(possibly my fav) adult series!

  7. I am RIGHT there with you on Divergent, phew what a great book! I've heard some differing opinions on Die for Me. DId you love it overall?

    I've heard someone else recommend Paper Towns- I'm so bad, I haven't read anything by John Green. Whoops...

    Great list!!

  8. Fab picks Jennifer! I loved Divergent too, and I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed paper Towns! And hex hall is on my shelf.. time to read it i think ;) love the list!

  9. I know you guys, it's hard to get to everything you want to read when there are so many awesome books out there! I'm glad you all agree with some of them.

    BDB is awesome! I've only read the first one. I'm totally going to read the rest of them. Lords of the Underworld is equally amazing. Both are pretty hot!

    Lisa - I did love Die For Me overall. I can't think of anything I didn't like about it! Oh, and you gotta read John Green, especially of your a fan of his youtube channel.

  10. oh i love your picks ~ such a cool mix of YA and PNR and adult.

    john green is completely hilarious O.o

    and i thought the forest of hands and teeth was haunting too (i liked each book in the series more than it's predecessor)

    loved reading this :)

  11. Awesome list! I agree with so many of your picks, like DIVERGENT (!!!!), Blood Promise, Hex Hall, Across The Universe, Die For Me etc. And wow, this is my first time hearing about Blood Rights and I love the sound of it. Thanks for putting that on my radar!

  12. Some great books on this list! I absolutely LOVED Divergent, I think it is my favorite book this year... maybe EVER! :) I love the Vampire Academy series and the Hex Hall series, both great picks! I've read and enjoyed Die for Me and Hereafter, as well. Blood Rights sounds soooo interesting, I'd really love to read that one!

  13. Fantastic list! I didn't know Hex Hall had some dirty humor - must check that one out! :)

    John Green is a fave too!

  14. I didn't pick Blood Promise as my tear jerker but it definetly is one of them! That book made me bawl my eyes out! It was soooo good! I agree 100% with your comment about it!

  15. what a fun list! thanks for sharing and getting some more titles on my tbr. :)


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