Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Moon Spell

Title: Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of Lunarmorte
Author: Samantha Young
I received a digital copy of this book from the author to review. This is my honest opinion.

Description from Goodreads:

Enter a world of fierce wolves, exhilarating magic and romance...  
Existing in the shadows of our world are supernatural races; children blessed by the ancient Greek gods with unimaginable gifts, and at present they are fighting a two-thousand-year old war with one another. 
The Midnight Coven, an alliance of dark magiks, faeries, and daemons born of black magik, believe that the vampyres and lykans are lesser supernaturals and a threat to mankind. They are at war with the Daylight Coven, a confederate of light magiks, faeries, vampyres and lykans who believe in the equality of the races. 
Into this war seventeen-year-old Caia Ribeiro is born...a lykan with a heritage unlike any other. 
A heritage that, whether she wants it to or not, will put her into the very heart of battle...


You guys, I really need to stop reading great books or you will all start to think that I love every book I read, which is not the case! I've just been lucky and I've read nothing but amazing books lately! 

Moon Spell far exceeded my expectations! I knew that it had to be a pretty decent story since all of my friends on Goodreads (that have read it) rated it highly. I knew that I'd probably like it. I didn't expect it to be this good, though! Honestly, I could see this story sitting on the shelves in bookstores, it's that good! I know that it can be hard to determine which indie authors to read, and which to skip. You definitely don't want to miss this one! 

In this story, the paranormal creatures were created by the Greek Gods, long ago. That was such a genius history for them! I love that Samantha combined Greek mythology and the paranormal. How unique! 

Samantha writes such well rounded, developed characters. They're fleshed out and flawed - making them totally relate-able and real. I love Caia, the main character. She's still young and learning about herself, but overall she's a really strong person. The other characters are great, too! There were times that I just adored the other people in the story, and then there were times that a character's actions just infuriated me! I want to rant all about a certain person and their choices, but I won't spoil the book for you. 

I really loved the romantic tension. It's killing me, but in a good way! I can't wait to see where the relationship is headed in the next two books.  The story line is sooo good, too. 

The only thing that keeps this story from being absolutely perfect is that there were a few grammatical errors that I noticed. HOWEVER, I do have a previous version of the story, and Samantha tells me that the version that is available to buy currently has had some grammatical revisions. Also there were a couple times I got a little confused about who the author was talking about and what was going on, but it quickly resolved itself. Other than that, this story was awesome!

The great thing? If you buy these as ebooks, they are so cheap! I can't even tell you how much I love a good deal, and these are definitely a bargain.

I am so glad that I have the next two already loaded on my kindle, because I can not wait to see where Caia is headed! 

Oh, and I wanted to add that this book is definitely more of a young adult book than a young teen book. There is sex and language in here that may only be suitable for those who are a bit older. 


  1. I will have to one day get this book, anything with Greek mythology I have to try.

  2. I'll admit; I have not heard anything about this book, but I am SOLD. Has it already been published? I seriously love your review, and no worries, I sometime go all fan girl on my fav books too!

    Diana @ The Lovely Getaway

  3. I think this is right up your ally, Kristina.

    Diana, you always make me laugh. :) Yep, you can buy all three of them! Do you have an e-reader? I can't remember. I definitely recommend getting them in e-format. I think all three of them are under $3 each. Score!


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