Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Title Reveal: John Green's New Book!

If you've been following John Green lately, whether on Twitter or Youtube, you know that he's been waiting to tell us the name of his new book (it was still being decided). Today he finally got the go ahead to let us fans know! The new title?

The Fault in Our Stars

Pretty neat, huh? This is what John says about the title:
The title is inspired by a famous line from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. The nobleman Cassius says to Brutus, “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
Want to know something super fabulous?

Every copy of The Fault in Our Stars (the American version) that is pre-ordered will be hand signed by John, personally! Every single book, from every single bookseller. 

I think that is such an awesome thing to do for all of the nerdfighters who can't see him in person to get their books signed. I will most definitely be ordering one for myself. French the llama, I'm excited!

Here is a live video of John talking about the book, plus reading from the first chapter:

He has such a poetic way of speaking! I love it!

He just announced the book's title today, and already it has hit #1 on amazon! It's pretty awesome what book loving nerdfighters can do! 

If you think I've gone bananas, and don't understand terms like "nerdfighter", then you must watch this video. You, too, can be in on all the nerdy fun:



  1. I'm on a book buying ban at the moment, otherwise I would be majorly tempted to pre-order this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I want to be a nerdfighter!!!

    I haven't read any of John Greene's books yet (although Looking for Alaska is waiting for me on my bookshelf) BUT I loved that video! They are crazy and remind me of one of my friends.

    Thanks for introducing me to the vlogbrothers!!

  3. Jacinda- you can order it anytime before it is released, and it will be signed! You have lots of time.

    LRAtRandom- if you want to be a nerdfighter, than you are! That's the great thing about nerdfighteria. :D Yay! Any day where I can introduce someone to the vlogbrothers )and they love it)is a good day.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    French the llama, I forgot to mention that I think it's insanely awesome that he is signing every preorder book!!

  5. your pimping of John Green and nerdfighteria only makes me love you more. AS IF that were even possible, but there it is. :)


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