Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Timepiece (Hourglass #2)
Myra McEntire
Egmont USA
I received an advanced digital copy of this book for my review. This is my honest opinion. 

The covers for the books in this series are awesome! I got to see the finished hardcover of Timepiece in the store, and it's so pretty!

I loved Hourglass so much; Emerson was awesome! I really clicked with her, and I loved her sense of humor. Timepiece isn't written from Em's point of view though... it's from Kaleb's. I didn't realize this until I started reading it, so I was a bit bummed at first. I really wanted more from her!

Kaleb was perfect for this part of the story however. Not that Em's part of the story is over, but we get so much more out of it seeing things through Kaleb at this point. He's just such a likable character... he's funny and has more to him than his bad boy image conveys. For those of you who loved Kaleb in Hourglass, You'll love Timepiece! Really, I can't imagine a better narrator for it. Yes, I'm admitting that it just wouldn't have been the same if Emerson was telling it from her point of view. Kaleb was the right choice.

Em was still in the story enough to keep me happy, and Lily, Em's best friend, was a bigger part of this story too. We get to know her personality and history a bit more. Without giving anything away, I really like how the relationships (both romantic and friendships) developed and progressed. There are things I want to say here, but they are spoilers... so I'll refrain. Good stuff though! I can't even really mention the plot at all without giving it away. Just know that I liked it!

I was afraid that Timepiece wouldn't live up to Hourglass, but I was wrong! I think Hourglass is still my favorite, but Timepiece held its own. I'm looking forward to book number three, and any other story Myra decides to tell us! More please!

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