Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My New Bookshelf!

I'm so excited! I finally got a bookshelf. My books have been sitting in stacks in my room. This is so much prettier! I thought I'd share it with you. :) You can click on the pictures to them larger.

I have it in alphabetical order by author. I have lots more books, but I only wanted the novels on there (no travel guides or whatever).

The whole thing

The Top Shelf

Second Shelf

Third Shelf

Fourth Shelf

The bottom shelf has some of my husbands books and a couple stacks of my mom's VC Andrews books that I need to return to her. 

Some of the other things on my shelf:

Yay! I love seeing all of my books displayed now. I'm going to need another one soon at the rate I've been going.

Thanks for looking! Do you have your bookshelf posted? If so, leave me a link and I'll go check it out!


  1. WOW !! That looks great : I love you new bookshelf !!
    I so have to do that kind of posts because I know I love reading them !!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and advising me all these series : I've pretty much read every one except the one by HP Mallory !!
    Happy reading, enjoy your new bookshef !!

  2. Thats very pretty :) I have a thing for bookshelves :)

  3. Very nice, I'm in need of a new book shelf now
    It is on the right side bar, it has gotten even more packed since I took the phone. I can't help it, such a wonderful addiction :)

  4. So you have any hotel recommendations for downtown portland near the powells? I'm going to the Jean M. Auel signing down there with my cousin and I want to stay in a good hotel/area but not spend an arm and a leg to stay there. Thanks.

  5. She will be in OR a few times since she lives there, luckily for your Dad he has a few options http://www.randomhouse.com/author/1026/jean+m.-auel?&view=events
    I figured I would ask a OR local, but I wouldn't know of a good hotel if you asked about Seattle, I'm 45 min away from there.

    I would love to build bookshelves on my wall but the damn window is in my way, so it might not happen till I get another house in 6 years :( I'm so screwed.

  6. Very lovely bookshelf. I’m currently looking for my own, but haven’t yet found one that I’m happy with. Nice collection of books you have too =), although I noticed you have books 2 and 3 in the Hunger Games series, but not book 1 =(.

  7. Elodie- well, I figured you probably had. i'll have to look through what I've read and see if there are any other series I can think of.

    Thanks the slowest bookworm! Me too! I've been wanting one for ages.

    Kristina- replied to you on your blog. :)

    Alisa- yeah,I was looking and looking. I would love a real wood one (like a really nice one), but that would be way out of my price range. I got this one at Target, and it's pretty sturdy.

    I have book one of the Hunger Games, but my mother in law has it right now. It's paperback though, so it doesn't really match the other two. Maybe I need it in hardback too? LOL. I love that series.

  8. Wow that is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  9. I LOVE your shelf! I actually really want a black book shelf myself so I'm a little jealous :D Need to stop buying books and start saving for a shelf, LOL.

  10. I love your Mickey Mouse bookends! They are so cute :D

  11. Thanks Bella! My brother actually got me them for Christmas!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. That is such a cute bookcase! All my books are tucked in closed door cabinets, whereever I could find room. LOL! Since I got my Kindle storage hasn't been much of an issue. Will be a new follower when I get home and to a computer where the follow link is working. =)

    -Amanda P

  14. Mine used to be stuck in the entertainment center in my room, or on the floor in stacks. Mostly on the floor. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)


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