Friday, April 15, 2011

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare: My First Signing!

I went to my first signing!

Cassandra Clare photo by Theo Black
Holly Black photo by D. Williford
A few other bloggers were there too! Vy of Vy's Blog was there. I didn't get to meet anyone, though. Maybe next time!

I got there at 6:30 and the space was already full (it started at 7:00). I figured that there would be a lot of people attending, but wow. There were so many people that I just waited in back and couldn't really hear what they were saying (and for some reason the people in front and behind me would not stop talking. Ugh.). I'm bummed about that, but oh well. Next time I know to show up super duper early and just read while I wait so that I can get a seat up front. They must have been funny, because people kept laughing!

You had to buy a book to get your book signed, so I bought City of Fallen Angels and Red Glove:

pretty, new books!

They each did a reading followed by a Q&A, and then we were lined up to get our books signed. At this event you had to buy a book from the authors in order to get your stuff signed. I don't think they really even kept track of that. I bought City of Fallen Angels and Red Glove. The people in seats got their books signed first, and then everyone else. The line was so long! Holy moly. I had to wait for over 2 hours I think, and I wasn't even towards the back of the line. I was sooooo tired of standing by the end.

It really was worth it, though!

I could tell that more people were there for Cassandra Clare than Holly Black. I think I was more excited to meet Holly (not that I wasn't excited about Cassandra too)! She signed 5 books for me! Yay! I didn't feel so bad holding up the line for that one because most people just wanted their Mortal Instruments books signed.

Cassandra Clare signed all of books for me too! I do feel guilty now for having her sign so many. It didn't take long at all, but I guess I should have limited myself. I just got too excited! Sorry, people who were behind me! I promise to limit myself last time. I have a super guilty conscience and I've felt bad all day. So there, my apology is out there, in the Universe. I am really excited that all of them are signed though! :)

Team Clary!

Both authors were so nice! I embarrassed myself by telling Holly Black that my cat puked on her books, and that's why I didn't have Tithe and Valiant there for her to sign. Dang cat. LOL! She made my day the next day by replying to my facebook post on her page:

Yes. Yes, I took a screenshot. :) I love when authors take the time to connect with their fans! I don't know if you can read it or not. LOL

I got a couple Curse Worker bracelets from Holly Black. I took one, but then my 3 year old (Charlotte) wanted one too, and Holly said we both could have one. How awesome is that?! I know there is no way my daughter would have let me keep my bracelet if she didn't have her own.

Luck Worker! This one is my daughter's. Mine says Memory worker, and is grey. I can't figure out where she put it. LOL.

Then Cassandra Clare had these little pamphlets with an excerpt from Clockwork Prince  on one side and an excerpt from Black Heart on the other. Ahhh! So awesome.

Clockwork Prince
Black Heart
If you want to see a better picture of Black Heart, click HERE

I can't wait for my next signing! I think it's going to be the Dark Days of Summer in June! I'm super stoked for that one.

Oh, and I forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pictures at the event. Lame of me.


  1. I was also there at 6:30! I thought I showed up late because there was a "line" forming. (It wasn't a line apparently and I was just standing there) I also forgot my camera but then I ended up using my phone. From what i know I'll be attending the Dark Days tour event too :)

  2. That sounds great! I can't wait for her to come around where I live! I wonder if any other bloggers will be there, too? Actually, I do know one, and we're going together! :) I've got so much stuff that I would love to get signed!


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