Friday, August 5, 2011

July RAK

Random Acts of Kindness is a program hosted by Isalys and Vanessa over at Book Soulmates. You pick a person or two (or however many you want) and send them something from their wishlist. Someone might send you something, too!

I sent out 2 books this month. How fun!

I also received two books: 

from Amanda at On a Book Bender I got:

Halfway to the Grave | Jeaniene Frost
It was a total surprise! This book just showed up on my doorstep. Yay! 

Then, I got an email from Stephanie at Once upon a Chapter saying that she wanted to send me a book:

Lover Eternal | J.R. Ward
I knew a book was coming, but had no idea which one. Another great surprise!

I just read both of these books this week, and they were both amazing! I am definitely going to be picking up the next book in both series as soon as possible. 

Now, for something unrelated to RAK. For thse of you who noticed that I haven't posted since last week, sorry! I've had house guests almost this whole month, and on top of that I got sick. : / Blogging while sick is no fun. I did get quite a few books read, though! Yay!


  1. I love surprises! ;) But I have been sad that you haven't been around. You need to fix this by getting better!

  2. I still haven't participated in RAK yet, I probably will one day.

    Can't wait to read your reviews of the books you read.

  3. I read lover eternal, it was AMAZING! Glad you liked it as well

  4. Hi! We chatted a bit back in June, I believe when I entered your giveaway for Everlasting by Alyson Noel. At the time I was in the process of creating my own book blog and you told me to let you know when I get it finished. So I thought I'd drop by and give you the link!

    Thanks! Have a great day!


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