Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Need

Title: Need
Author: Carrie Jones
Published by Bloomsbury
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Zara collects phobias the way other high school girls collect lipsticks. Little wonder, since life’s been pretty rough so far. Her father left, her stepfather just died, and her mother’s pretty much checked out. Now Zara’s living with her grandmother in sleepy, cold Maine so that she stays “safe.” Zara doesn’t think she’s in danger; she thinks her mother can’t deal.

Wrong. Turns out that guy she sees everywhere, the one leaving trails of gold glitter, isn’t a figment of her imagination. He’s a pixie—and not the cute, lovable kind with wings. He’s the kind who has dreadful, uncontrollable needs. And he’s trailing Zara.


I really enjoyed the way that Carrie Jones writes. She adds unusual descriptions of the scenes that kind of give you a glimpse into the way her character is thinking. It was unique and I loved it!

I'd describe this book as a kinda Twilight meets Shiver meets a new twist.

The way she began each chapter with a phobia was so neat and quirky! I enjoyed reading a new phobia each time, and found myself smiling when Zara recited them to herself.

The only thing holding it back from it being a perfect book was a tiny lack in character development. I'm hoping to get to know the characters in the next book! I can't wait to read it!


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  3. I really enjoyed Need also and it is a lot like Twilight. But I liked Twilight so that's okay. You have to read Captivate! Astley is a new Character in that one and I really like how he fits into the story.

  4. I noticed this series last time I was at the book store. The covers intrigued me (and as you know, I have a thing for nice covers). At the time, I didn’t purchase them, but I like the way you describe this book as “Twilight meets Shiver meets a new twist”. Definitely going to consider looking at them again next time I’m in there :).



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